Does Direct Mail Still Work?

Is Direct Mail Still a Viable Marketing Media?

Marketing has never been more exciting or more accessible. New media like blog content, online videos, and email marketing have risen over the past two decades. Brand new forms of marketing like social media and email have exploded over the past two decades. This new media has led many marketers to ignore less exciting outlets, especially direct mail.

The fact is direct mail can still provide many benefits to your business if it’s used correctly in your marketing mix.

Should Direct Mail Be Part Of My Marketing Mix?

Even with all the shiny new marketing tools, direct mail is still viable. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Google. Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world and controls some of the most effective advertising media including AdWords and YouTube.

It might surprise you to learn, however, that even tech mogul Google utilizes direct mail campaigns. In fact, they’ve even made it easy for Google+ users to integrate their direct mail campaigns.

If Google sees the value in direct mail, your business can, as well. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy from using a direct mail marketing campaign:

  • It’s extremely personal. Unlike new-age medias like Facebook or Google Adwords, direct mail is highly personalized and takes a lot more effort. The person that receives your piece gets to hold it and admire the time and effort put into your endeavors.
  • It’s cheaper than you think. Direct mail doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, especially since you can target it so tightly. If you break down your mailing list to only your very best prospects, you’ll see a significant ROI on your investment.
  • It’s a great teammate. Direct mail compliments your other marketing strategies perfectly. You can use it to push your email list, an upcoming promotion, or your website. It’s a great way to grab attention and use it to boost another campaign.

Direct Mail Best Practices

Just like Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, or any other modern campaign, direct mail is only as useful as your strategy. You need to leverage your brand, as well as your brand’s message. The piece has to fit the vibe of your other campaigns.

Another critical aspect of a successful direct mail campaign is building a sense of urgency. Direct mail pieces don’t need to be evergreen, and they don’t need to attract a wide audience. You’ve targeted a particular segment, so you need to give them a reason to act. Offer a discount or promotion that’s only valid for a small amount of time. Make sure your contact information is as easy to find as possible.

Finally, you need to test and evaluate your direct mail campaigns consistently. Just utilize a different code for each piece, or have customers bring the mailer in to receive a discount. If you’re driving them to your website, you can simply use a personalized URL for the campaign. No matter how you go about tracking, you’ll want to track each piece’s effectiveness and tweak your future mailers accordingly.

Making the Most of Your Direct Mail

If you need help integrating direct mail with your current marketing efforts, make sure to reach out to us here at Business Marketing Solutions. We use a Simple Marketing System that makes it a snap to reach any prospects or current clients you want to impress. We’ll be happy to offer coaching or consultation, or even get hands on and implement the entire solution for you!

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