SEO is Dead! RIP SEO.

Stop Wasting Money On Search Engine Optimization and Start Generating High-Value Clients, Customers, or Patients Week-After-Week With Paid Advertising

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It’s too costly.  Unpredictable.  Unreliable. And FRUSTRATING.

And, there are better ways to get in front of the people who want your products or services, right now… SEO is dead!

Ok.  So this might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s not too far from the truth.

And, hopefully, I got your attention, because if you rely on SEO to drive online sales or lead generation for your business, you may be wasting thousands of dollars, and missing out on millions of dollars in opportunities. Seriously.

Before I explain why I believe this to be true, I’m going to ask you a few questions…

  • Do you depend on SEO?
  • Have you spent thousands and thousands of dollars building and executing your SEO strategy (or paying someone to do it for you)?
  • How much of your monthly marketing budget do you spend on search engine optimization?
  • How much time does it take (if you do it yourself or have an employee do it for you)?

As a business owner, you have probably heard about the benefits of SEO. You may even believe it is the absolute, uncontested, undisputed, numero-uno solution for your online marketing needs.

The SEO companies certainly want you to believe that…

But, let me ask you one more question.

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Let’s take a step back and consider what SEO is doing for your business, why it may not be working the way you hoped, and what other options you have that are far more efficient and effective…

Simply stated, while the title of this post may be an exaggeration, SEO alone is not enough and in most cases, it is a big waste of money because your online marketing dollars are better spent elsewhere.

If SEO is your primary (or even secondary) method for driving sales or leads online, you are severely limiting your business.

In case you are not aware, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of using keywords and linking methods to rank your site in the search engines results pages (SERPs). The closer to the top, the better.

For example, if you own a landscaping company in Princeton, New Jersey, and someone searches for terms related to the services you provide, like “Princeton landscaping,”  if you (or your SEO company) has done a good job, your business should come up at or near the top of the results for this search.

And, while being located near the top of the SERPs for keywords related to your business is a good thing, it is not the only way to build your business online.

Think about it.  Even if you rank at or near the top of the results for every possible keyword(s) related to your business, you will only be found by people actively looking for what you sell. 

Meanwhile, there are way more people out there who want and need your stuff who are not actively looking on search engines.

With SEO, you only get a fraction of the traffic and visitors that you could be getting.

Here are some more drawbacks or negatives of SEO…

SEO is complex.

That is a fact.  Once you crack the code and position your business near the top of the results pages, there is no guarantee you will stay there because when Google changes its algorithm, everything changes.

You can go from the first listing to off the first page overnight.  And, if you want to stay at the top of the rankings, it requires a great deal of work (and/or money).

It takes a long time to get results.

You could spend the next 30 days focused on SEO and see no change.

Often, it can take months or more to see improvement.  That means, if you hire someone to optimize your site, you are going to pay them for months without seeing any results or return on your investment.

Can you wait months?

And, not only do you have to wait, and spend money with no ROI, but you are also losing money in the process due to missed sales opportunities because people who can use your services can’t find you.

That doesn’t sound like a good deal, does it?

You are at the mercy of Google

As noted above, one of the most significant problems with SEO is that it is a constantly changing model.  A moving target.

If you choose to do it yourself or have one of your staff handle it, you will have to invest heavily in creating an SEO campaign and then changing up that campaign, your links, and your overall site functionality every time Google makes a change.

Not only is it difficult to do, but it can be very expensive as well.

You could be wasting your money

Unfortunately, there is no barrier to entry for companies to provide SEO services.

Its popularization has led to countless instances in which the less-than-desirable companies simply take a business’s money with zero results (sorry, moving from page five to page three is not results).

Here’s an important consideration. If you are investing heavily in SEO (or investing in it at all), are you seeing the results you want?

If not, don’t feel bad, you are not alone.  And, there is a solution…

So, if SEO is dead, what should you do? Click To Tweet

Whether or not you are ready to give up on SEO altogether, you need to find other ways to reach your prospects.

Instead of focusing your online marketing efforts on search engine optimization, consider investing your time and resources into paid advertising.

Platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and other PPC media give you the ability to reach your target market, INSTANTLY.

With AdWords, you can get yourself to the top of the results pages right now, for only a few dollars.  No SEO needed…

For the sake of time, I am only going to go into detail on Facebook advertising, but many of the points I make also apply to other paid advertising platforms, too.

For example, with Facebook (AdWords, Twitter ads, etc.), you can deliver highly targeted ads to the specific audience you want with minimal cost and instant feedback.

Unlike SEO, you will see results right away.  No more waiting months to move up the SERPs.  You can launch a Facebook Campaign today and start seeing results within a couple of hours.

This not only allows you to start generating a positive ROI, fast, but it also allows you to do so with minimum risk because you know very quickly whether or not your campaigns are working.  And, if they are not, you can make changes.

Show Ads Only To People Who Are Likely To Buy

Facebook’s targeting options, allow you to show ads to people based on location, age, interests, behaviors, affinities, employment, and many other selects.

Facebook knows more about you then you know about yourself and while for some, this may be a little discomforting, as a business owner or a marketer, the power it gives you is incredible.

How is Facebook Advertising Different Than SEO?

#1: You see immediate results

Unlike many forms of advertising, including SEO, with Facebook ads, you do not have to wait to see results. Create and launch a campaign, and you can instantly reach the audience you choose.  You can start with a small budget and scale up based on the results.  If the ad is not converting, you can quickly and easily make changes and better articulate your offer to your target audience or try a new audience.  There is no long wait here.

#2: It is highly targeted

Facebook offers exceptional advertising tools for small businesses. These tools allow you to customize your targeting in many ways.  You decide who sees your ads based on the targeting options you chose.  This includes where they live, magazines they read, their age, sex, employment information, income, home type, family situation, interests, hobbies, the list, goes on and on.  By customizing and testing different targeting options, you can optimize your ads and maximize your results by showing your ads only to those people most likely to act on your offer.

#3: Easy A/B testing

Split testing with Facebook advertising is easy and quick to do.  You can test different audiences, images, headlines, ad copy, landing pages, etc.  Stop doing what isn’t working, do more of what is.  By constantly testing, you can steadily improve your results to maximize your ROI.

#4: Lots of options

The Facebook ads platform continues to improve.  They regularly introduce new advertising options you can use to reach your target audience.  Single image ads, video ads, carousel (multiple image or video), lead generation, messenger ads, and more.

You get to choose from multiple campaign objectives so you can select the best depending on the goals of your campaign.

#5: Retargeting, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Conversion Optimization

With the Facebook ad pixel (a small piece of code you install on your website) you can track conversions and see the results of your ads.

You can tell even Facebook to optimize your ads for conversions.  This means Facebook will show your ads to people with a higher likelihood of converting.  Over time, as Facebook gathers more data on your campaigns, the results will get better and better.  Basically, Facebook does a lot of the hard work for you.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are lists of Facebook Users who  have a connection to your business. This can be based on a list of emails, or on visits and interactions with your website recorded by the pixel code.

There are two powerful ways for you to leverage custom audiences:

  1. You can retarget visitors with ads
  2. You can expand your reach by using Lookalike Audiences.


Imagine someone visits your website and doesn’t buy, doesn’t contact you, or doesn’t opt into your list (a large % of your website visitors do exactly that).  With the Facebook pixel installed on your site, you can create audiences of these people and start showing them ads on Facebook. 

This not only increases the value of the money you are spending on Facebook by giving you multiple opportunities to persuade these people, but it improves the value of all of your marketing by allowing you to show your ads to people who have visited your site so you can convince them to take action.

You can retarget people who view your videos or who click on your lead generation ads but don’t opt in.

In addition to creating custom audiences of website traffic or people who view your videos to retarget, you can take your existing client and/or prospect list and upload it to Facebook.

Facebook will find all of the people on your list who are also on Facebook (on average my clients find about 40% overlap), then you can start showing ads to these people.

Finally, with Facebook’s lookalike audience feature, you can take any of these custom audiences you created and tell Facebook to find everyone else who is on Facebook that is similar to these people.  Then, you can show ads to them.

For example, you can create a custom audience of people who convert. 

Maybe they are people who buy your product or people who download a coupon or a piece of content you are offering.  By telling Facebook to create an audience of these people, and then creating a lookalike audience, you have created a large audience of people who are very similar to those who have bought from you.

Powerful stuff!

What should you do next?

It is critical that you get the highest ROI possible from the money you spend on advertising.

Because of all the drawbacks of SEO, and the benefits other media like Facebook ads offer, there are better ways to spend your marketing dollars than trying to make the slow, unsteady climb up the search engine results pages.

You have many options when it comes to marketing your products or services.  And, while you should utilize multiple marketing channels, you have to make sure the investment you make in marketing is well spent.

If you want to find out if Facebook ads or other PPC media are a good fit for your business, we can help.  We’d like to buy you 30 minutes of our time to talk about your business and your goals.

At the end of our conversation, we’ll give you a no-obligation action plan you can use to start promoting your business online.

And, if you decide you want someone to manage the process for you, we can see if we’re a good fit to do that, too.  So, click below and schedule your FREE 30 minute Business Opportunity Analysis now.




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